Flight Simulators, Design Fabrication

Flight Simulators, Design Fabrication

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Full Service Exhibit Development 

A Dynamic Collaboration of Exhibit Professionals with Broad Based Museum Experience in Educational, Historical and Commercial Venues. 

Specialists in Aerospace, Military and Historical Displays at Any Scale with Educational Interactive Devices Such as Flight Simulators, Animated Displays and Motion Platforms.  Digitally Designed Artifacts Provide a 21st Century Cost Effective Method for Museums, Airports and Other Settings to Serve Their Patrons.  

Our Exclusive Rapid Prototype Production Services Allow the Digital Design LLC Team to Provide a Full Service Modern Alternative to Traditional Exhibit Companies

Our team undertakes all aspects of concept and content development, exhibit planning, and design engineering to final design and fabrication.  We are also very experienced in the design of microenvironments that meet the highest standards of security and conservation. 

We offer your institution master planning services, financing, budget development, and fabrication administration.  We can also provide fundraising assistance and produce promotional materials in formats ranging from traditional illustration to digital virtual walk-through CDs.

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We can provide any Scale Model from 1/4th to full size or display at airports, schools, college's etc. Complete services from design to implementation.
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