Desktop Model Aircraft

Desktop Model Aircraft
This is our desktop plane series high quality model airplanes. You will find the most magnificent selection of model planes, sized to fit on your desktop! Our plane models are carved from solid mahogany and painted like the real airplanes. Sized beautifully for your desktop or mantel!

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 EA-18 Growler Aircraft Model
SKU: 7MMNC11372
$199.00 $139.99
The Boeing EA-18 Growler is an American based electronic warfare aircraft, a specialized version of the two seat F/A 18F Super Hornet. The EA-18 Growler may sport a lot of the F/A18 Hornet’s characteristics, but this carrier-based aircraft had proven
A-10 Warthog Aircraft Model
SKU: 7MMNC10231
$249.00 $139.99
This A-10 Warthog Tiger Sharks Airplane Model 1/57th Scale is hand carved by master craftmen all call signs and insignias are hand painted by artists. Free Shipping!
A-10 Warthog Airplane Model
SKU: 7MMNC10228
$169.99 $139.99
This Air National Guard 1/57 Scale is hand carved from solid hard wood, hand painted and clear coated to protect the model aircraft for generations to come. Free Shipping !
A-10A Thunderbolt II Warthog Model
SKU: 7MMNC9001
$169.00 $139.00
These fine Military Model Aircraft are magnificent wooden replicas.Take advantage of our low pricing and order yours now. Look through the pictures and you will see how detailed these wooden models are.
A-10A Thunderbolt II Warthog Model
SKU: 7MMNC10229
$169.00 $139.00
This high quality wooden aircraft model Desert Storm 1/71st Scale is built by master model builders. This model airplane is built for the most exclusive collectors and will highlight any airplane model collection. Free Shipping
A-10A Warthog Thunderbolt Military Model Aircraft
$204.95 $169.99
The A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. This very detailed model is carved from solid Mahogany! Scale 1/48
A-1E Skyraider USAF Douglas Model
SKU: 7MMAM7007
$169.00 $139.00
Known as “Sandy” to Vietnam veterans, the A-1E Skyraider was highly valued during close-support missions because of its large bomb load capacity and resilience to heavy ground fire. Scale 1/48
A-1H Skyraider Model
SKU: 7MMNC9002
$169.00 $139.00
To provide the details that you see on these limited production model airplanes, many hours are spent. Crafting the intricate details of the fusealage, wings and call signs is a tedious task. This model is 1/37th Scale - Free Shipping
A-1H Skyraider Model
SKU: 7MMNC10136
$169.95 $129.95
This A1-H Skyraider Navy Aircraft Model is crafted from mahogany and painted by hand. I takes nearly 50 hours to carve this model from a solid piece of hardwood. The detail is amazing!
A-26 Invader Model
SKU: 7MMNC10138
$169.00 $139.00
This A26 Invader Glass Nose 1/50th Scale is carved from solid mahogany and crafted by hand. Each model is painted by hand and clear coated to give years of enjoyment.This model is Free Shipping !
A-36 Beechcraft Bonanza Model
SKU: 7MMNC10139
$169.00 $119.00
This Beechcraft Bonanza A-36 1/26th Scale Aircraft Model is hand made from solid mahogany. The detail is magnificent! These models are magnificent replicas of the original aircraft.
A-4F Skyhawk USN Model
SKU: 7MMNC9004
$169.00 $129.00
This A-4F Skyhawk USN Model 1/39th Scale is a one of a kind replica, carved from solid mahogany. Master craftsmen spend many hours carving the details and sanding out the fine lines that make these model aircraft a high quality replica.
A-5 North American Vigilante Aircraft Model Free Shipping
SKU: 7MMNC11380
$229.00 $139.00
This one of a kind aircraft model is not available in stores! Hand carved from solid Mahogany by our master artisans this model exudes excellence. Kiln dried and hand painted this is the model you want for your airplane collection.
A-6E Intruder Model
SKU: 7MMNC9006
$169.00 $139.00
This A-6E Intruder Aircraft Model is crafted by hand from solid mahogany. This plane model is then painted by hand and clear coated to protect the intricate paint work for many years to come.
A1H Douglas Skyraider USN Model
$204.95 $189.95
The Douglas A-1 Skyraider was an American single-seat attack aircraft that saw service between the late 1940s and early 1980s. Fully assembled handcrafted wood 1/40 scale model is Fully Assembled
A6M2 Zero Model Aircraft
SKU: 7MMNC10140
$169.00 $139.00
Undoubtedly Military Models Online recognizes the quality an enthusiast desires from a collectors plane model. All of us are committed to building the most outstanding model practical for a minimum investment.
A6M5 Zero Aircraft Model
SKU: 7MMNC10141
$169.00 $119.00
A6M5 Zero 1/39 Scale. Each of the model aircraft are carved from solid Philippian mahogany. The original blue prints and photos are utilized to provide the realism
AC-119K Stinger Gunship Model
SKU: 7MMNC10232
$169.00 $119.00
This hand crafted model is carved from solid mahogany. The details are exquisite. Many hours are spent adding the armament and then painting the model along with adding the call signs and tail numbers. Clear coat is then added to protect the model.
AE-6B Prowler Electric Intruder Aircraft Model
SKU: 7MMNC9007
$169.00 $119.00
The Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler is a twin-engine attack aircraft based on the design of the ruggedly simple yet efficient A-6 Intruder. Considered a reliable plane in the fight against electronic warfare, the Northrop Grumman EA-6B carries anti-radiati
AH-64D Apache Helicopter Model
SKU: 7MMNC9009
$169.00 $119.00
This model helicopter is carved from solid hardwood and detailed by hand. The details of the original helicopter are scaled down to size that can easily be displayed in your home or office. This magnificent model is available here for a great price.
Alenia C-27J Spartan Model
SKU: 7MMNC10333
$229.00 $139.00
This and all of our military model aircraft are carved by a master modeller from solid hardwood. Original plans and pictures are used whenever possible for realism. The insignias and call signs are lettered by hand they are not decals or stencils.
AT-38B Aggressor Holloman Model
SKU: 7MMNC10142
$169.00 $119.00
Our AT-38B Aggressor airplane model is carved from Philippian Mahogany. This hand made beauty is then painted by hand and clear coated to give it many years of beauty while on display.
AT-6A Texan USAF Model
SKU: 7MMNC10143
$169.00 $119.00
A world-renowned single-engine aircraft, the T-6A Texan was, primarily, a trainer plane. It employed a basic design, with a two-seat glazed canopy cockpit where instructor and student can sit in tandem. Scale 1/42
Avenger TBF-TBM-3 Model
SKU: 7MMNC9125
$169.00 $119.00
The Avenger TBF-TBM-3 Aircraft Model is hand carved from Philippian mahogany. The details of this model plane are painted on by hand and then clear coated to protect them.
Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow Wood Model
SKU: 7MMNC10162
$169.00 $119.00
Military Models Online provides only the greatest hand made wood aircraft models. Each of the model planes are created from solid Philippine Mahogany. The original blue prints and photographs are used to provide the realistic look of these aircraft.
B-17 Flying Fortress Carolina Moon Model
SKU: 7MMNC10234
$169.00 $119.00
This model airplane of the B-17 Flying Fortress is carved from solid mahogany. Our skilled master craftsman spend many hours carving the details that make this model so unique. The model is painted by an artist and matches the original aircraft.
B-17 Flying Fortress Tondalayo Model
SKU: 7MMNC10235
$169.00 $119.00
This model airplane of the B-17 Flying Fortress is carved from solid mahogany. Our skilled master craftsman spend many hours carving the details that make this model so unique. The model is painted by an artist and matches the original aircraft.
B-17F Flying Fortress Model
SKU: 7MMNC9012
$169.00 $119.00
This B-17F Flying Fortress Model Aircraft is crafted by hand from solid mahogany. Our products are authorized by the agencies these aircraft flew for. This desktop model will display well in your home or office.
B-17F Red Gremlin Model
$219.95 $189.95
The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is a four-engine heavy bomber aircraft developed in the 1930s. The B-17 was primarily employed by the (USAAF). Scale wood model 1/62
B-17G Flying Fortress Model
SKU: 7MMNC9013
$169.00 $119.00
This model airplane is made by carving a solid piece of mahogany down to the proper dimensions to make this scale model plane as accurate as possible for your enjoyment! You can own a piece of history for a great price, well below retail!
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