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For Immediate Release :

 Bob and Dee Dee Winfrey have done it again! Soon to be another top voted web-site will soon become the premier authority on wooden hand crafted model airplanes. Bob and Dee Dee are selling the hard to find, high quality model tanks, model planes, aircraft models, jet models and many other military models.

They started out selling antiques many years ago and had a great experience with online selling and they have been hooked ever since.

Their sister store has been such a huge success that they were encouraged to start military models online. Bob says they have the best builders in the business building custom one off hand carved models that are so nice and detailed that you will be hard pressed to find another model plane as detailed for the price. Accurate Aircraft Models are hard to find and these models are crafted after the originals to perfection. These Airplane models are approved by the related agencies and manufacturer's.

Eventually as the site grows there will be great news stories, and hundreds of aircraft models and many other fine models available for purchase. They have searched the world over for the finest assembled aircraft models for everyone to enjoy in their home or office.

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