Custom Aircraft Models




Custom Orders built in the USA!

Pictures below are of some of our custom builds 

  • We can construct small scale models, to 1/2 scale replicas.

  • Much cheaper than acquiring an original craft for display.

  • We can assist in displays, flight simulators, lighted aircraft (landing and running lights with LED's) small or large. 

  • Most any media, Resin, Wood and Metal.

  • Availabilty to produce kits of Aircraft and Ship Models. 

  • Remote Control Options available.

  • Contact us for more information! Contact Us 

  • Pictures below are of some of our custom builds 

Led RV-6 

Guardian Display

AT-6 LED Landing lights

Custom Built Aircraft Models

D-17 Display Model

Blue Angels


Led Lighting on airplane model

We Can Build Any Aircraft Model, with any Paint Scheme, and any Design!

Our long list of satisfied customers includes: Charlotte/Douglas International Airport - Charlotte, NC

Commemorative Air Force Museum - Mesa, AZ Curtiss

Wright Corporation - Roseland, NJ

Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center Dayton OH

Irish Air Force Corp - Ireland

Ogden Higley Airport - Ogden, UT

Piedmont Triad International Airport - Greensboro, NC

U.S. Air Force Academy - Colorado Springs, CO

Venezuelan Air Force - Venezuela

Virgin Atlantic - United Kingdom

Virginia Air & Space Center - Hampton, VA

Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center & Aviation Trail Visitor Center - Dayton, OH

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) National Geographic - Washington, DC

Now with Military Models Online, that dream plane model can be yours! Our wooden models are carved from only the finest grade of mahogany, Carved by expert hands until that dream craft is made. You can also request a flyable craft model.

We can create any model aircraft as a Custom Build. We can design and build any specific make, color scheme or markings on the model. Included with the custom build is a Logo of your choice on the base stand and a brass nameplate with an inscription.

How big or small do you want your models to be? Just give us the dimensions and we'll gladly build it the size you would like. Contact us at 704-254-3574 or for a quote.

For our regular custom built models, we recommend the length be approximately 16 to 18 inches. This is the perfect size for us to replicate details present on the original aircraft.

Our quality on custom builds is unsurpassed. You will be hard pressed to find anyone to provide the quality and service we provide! Our custom builds are recognised as the best in the world. Our models are on display in some of the finest collections in the world.

We have had the pleasure of producing museum quality airplane replicas for commercial clients for static and hanging displays, museum and traveling exhibits, outdoor displays, special events, trade shows, and film and theater productions.

If you have the need for a one of a kind model airplane you have come to the right place.

The paint work on these model aircraft is as detailed as the original airplane. The insignias are ultra realistic, the call signs and numbers are detailed and all the artwork is coated with a coat of clear acrylic lacquer. This protective clear coat will preserve the details of the paint work for many years to come.


Hand Crafted!



A 50% deposit will be required from you to start the project and we will send pictures for approval before shipping. Turnaround time for production of a custom model is 8-12 weeks.


Wright flyer

Display Spirit of St Louis

P=40 helldiver

 Custom Build

Educational interactive

Cessna 310 Custom Build

Gatha Bomber Airplane Model

King Air B350

EF 111 USAF Model Plane

Pitts S-1T

Gotha Kit assembled for a customer

Team Rocket F-1

Ultimate 10-200

Grunman HU-16A


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